Digital Assets for
Sustainable Development



 Although we would like to, we can't do everything! So nodl focuses on achieving positive SDG impact in the following areas:

- Financial Inclusion (SDG 01, 05, 10)

- Renewable Energy (SDG 07, 13)

- Oceanic Plastic Pollution (SDG 14) 

- Marine Conservation (SDG 14) 

- Circular Economies (SDG 12)

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 Find out more about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals here... 

The UN's Sustainable Development goals



The creation of a digital platform to supporting financial inclusion in Niger based on Care's Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). This project has been delivered in partnership with our long-time collaborators Danish fintech, hiveonline.


IoT-based, solar energy blockchain-compatible  infrastructure. This innovative technology  "tokenises sunshine" and pegs it to a true market as well as providing high fidelity data, thus 

enabling the creation of 'natural wealth' for remote populations.


Synova build Waste to Energy infrastructure. Their small, modular units are ideal for island communities thus supporting zero-waste, circular economies and providing a way to address the crisis of plastic pollution and marine debris. 


 The delivery of a Fintech strategy supporting financial inclusion identified multiple opportunities across the South Pacific, including:

  • A new Microfinance bank
  • Regional fintech hub
  • Digital Identity framework
  • A digital Savings Group platform


   The Plastic Bank incentivises the collection of waste materials in developing economies by exchanging ocean-bound plastic for secured digital rewards and provides a two sided market place which empowers recycling ecosystems around the world and stops the flow of plastic into our oceans. We are engaged as advisers to Plastic Bank to leverage their platform to provide financial services to their waste collectors.


Democratising the raising of capital for low carbon infrastructure through the design of a bond-like digital asset. The blockchain-based Green bond instrument supported issuance to retail investors, payment distribution and  secondary market trading.

We helped design a security token that will enable the raising of capital from retail investors and give them access to large-scale, climate-saving infrastructure projects.


We co-authored the report "Blockchain: Gateway for Sustainability Linked Bonds" which was co-sponsored by the UN's Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance (SDFA) and HSBC.