Digital Assets for
Sustainable Development





Payments for the hiveonline Reputation Platform

hiveonline are developing a reputation system that will make it easier to clearly demonstrate the reputation of businesses and help build trusted relationships. Part of this system requires the frictionless and easy transfer of payments between parties and for that, hiveonline asked us to build a blockchain based payments infrastructure. 

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Village Savings Microfinance solution

 The Village Savings and Loans Association model is operated globally by CARE and has enabled groups of women to save and manage economic shocks by creating locally held pools of capital, contributed by the members, and available to those members as loans in time of need. In addition, CARE groups working with the same women have further supported artisanal skills development, enabling the groups to manufacture goods towards increasing earning potential.

This project led by the financial inclusion team in hiveonline seeks to digitize the VSLA process to support CARE's growth strategy.  nodl has been asked to integrate a blockchain into the solution to enable micropayments within and between VSLAs as well as provide technology support this essentially decentralised microbanking model. We have selected the Stellar blockchain for its strengths in micropayments, digital asset management, trustline maintenance and overall value alignment.

Asian Development Bank


Fintech strategy for the South Pacific Islands

  The Asian Development Bank (ADB) engaged us to develop its strategy to utilise financial technology (fintech) to promote financial inclusion and financial sector development in the Pacific island countries. 

The project reviewed the prevailing technology usage in the Pacific financial sector, identifying potential areas for further development and  making recommendations for possible ADB assistance. The scoping and strategy exercise covered all areas of financial services, with microfinance being a specific area of focus.



CryptoBond - Security Token Offering

FullCycle is a carbon abatement impact business investing in market ready technology that will address the crisis in climate change and investment gap in low carbon infrastructure. FullCycle is building the world's largest coalition of citizen investors who will usher in a new low-carbon economy. 

Nodl has been working with FullCycle to define new fund raising mechanisms  that will democratise access to the returns that low carbon infrastructure will bring. 

Blockchain-based security tokens are part of that solution, and nodl has been proud to be part of such ground-breaking work creating a Green bond instrument that supports issuance to retail investors, payment distribution and  secondary market trading. 



Financial Services and Banking Advisory

The Plastic Bank incentivises the collection of waste materials in developing economies by exchanging ocean-bound plastic for secured digital rewards. It provides a two sided market place connecting collectors of waste with corporations that want to remove plastic from the environment such as Henkell and SC Johnson. This empowers recycling ecosystems around the world and stops the flow of plastic into our oceans. 

We are engaged as advisers to Plastic Bank to leverage their platform to provide financial services to their waste collectors.



Provable Green Energy

We are working with Solara to enable and establish a provable green energy ecosystem by utilising the latest in cryptography and Internet of Things technology including their SOLARA HARDWARE MODULES (SHMs)



Technical Due Diligence on Blockchain startups

We provide technical expertise to Due Diligence projects on behalf of Venture Capital investors for PwC.

Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance


Blockchain: Gateway for sustainability linked bonds

 We co-authored the report "Blockchain: Gateway for Sustainability Linked Bonds" which was co-sponsored by the UN's Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance (SDFA) and HSBC.