Digital Assets for
Sustainable Development

Distributed Ledger Technology

Our technology team and partners are experienced in the design and implementation of a variety of  blockchain and distributed ledgers along with associated technologies. 

We believe that there is no one blockchain that is suitable for all purposes and, as engineers, we know that the selection of technology needs a deep understanding of the problem that has to be solved first. Some of our solutions do not even need a blockchain and work perfectly well without one!

Our development teams have deep expertise in the design of decentralised systems, as well as programming in Go, Java, NodeJS, React and SQL and operations in AWS and Azure. The teams are distributed and operate an Agile method along DevOps and CI/CD principles.

On the DLT side, past experience includes work with: Bitcoin, Stellar, Hedera Hashgraph, R3 Corda, Hyperledger, Ethereum and Multichain.


some of our blockchain project partners