Digital Assets for
Sustainable Development

Digital Assets Consulting

We are a boutique consultancy offering experienced practitioners in the application of distributed ledger technology, and its integration into existing platforms, for both startup businesses and corporates.

These consulting services include:

  • C-Suite advisory and strategy development
  • Non-executive director and Advisory board membership (AICD accredited)
  • Technical architecture review and recommendation
  • Business risk and governance advisory
  • Security token/tokenised securities design

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Digital assets include crypto currencies, stable coins, security tokens and all other blockchain-based financial instruments. 

Security Token Offering advisory


Our services

Our team have supported and advised a number of Security Token Offerings and Initial Coin Offerings. All aspects of the process are covered from feasibility and viability assessment, whitepaper review, tokenomics design, project and risk management, and fund raising support through pre and main sales.